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Don't Forget the Smoothie

Smoothies make mornings, uh, smoother.

Have you every tried to feed your kids plain yogurt, half a banana and just a little juice for breakfast? Smoothies make that task so easy.

Don't forget about the smoothie—the easiest way to get good food into your kid in the morning FAST.

Quick and Simple Smoothies

What you'll need:

Immersion blender, 2 cup measuring cup, 1 kid (anxious to help)


1/2 a banana

1/2 a cup of plain yogurt

1/4 cup of juice


 Get your eager helpers to peel the banana and place half into the measuring cup. They can also put two healthy scoops of yogurt in, too. Sidenote: We have lots of juiceboxes around—the kids like the variety and they're ideal for making these smoothies. One box does 2-3 smoothies. Just snip the corner with some scissors to pour out the juice more easily.

 Have your helper pour the juice in until the combined ingredients total 1/2 a cup.

 Now, mom or dad plugs in the blender and smoothes-the-'moothie.

 Pour into a cup, drop in a straw, and send 'em packin.'

Glad to have this in my morning arsenal. The numerous substitution possibilities will keep this morning favourite fresh for a long, long time.

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