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Craigslist Gold

I wish all sales were this entertaining

So I decided to take my over-powered computer speakers home. Well, technically I took home the subwoofer and threw out the crappy speakers, but that's another story.

So now I need a cheap, appropriately-powered set of computer speakers for my desk at work. I wanted to spend very little, and I wanted a decent set of speakers, so off to Craigslist I went.  I put "computer speakers" into the search box, but I got a lot of garbage results. When I refined my search to look for "sony mini systems" I came across an ad for a "Sony PlayStation Sound Bar." Funny thing is, when I first started blogging I desperately wanted to try this thing out and even contact Sony for a test unit. Again, that's another story. But I did check out the listing. And holy mother, I'm glad I did. The ad is G-O-L-D. The text in this ad nearly made me fall off my chair, so I need to share it with you here:

Oh hello,

I see you've taken an interest in the cutting edge market that is the speaker bar. Speaker bars are the pinnacle of excellence, and now you too can join in on this vastly expanding industry. 

I've recently decided to switch to a mini system and bookshelf speaker set up, now having the space for such a thing. For one year I used this speaker bar and it worked very well for me. It's compact and has excellent sound quality. It's intended for connecting to the PS3, but it will accept optical or standard audio out for any source be it computer, television, x box, ipod.. whatever. 

Included is the power adapter (obviously), optical audio cable, and the remote control. The speaker bar is intended to sit on a shelf, not to be wall mounted (there are speakers that project out the back). 

I have included an image of the speaker bar sitting next to a PS3 controller to give you an idea of size. Sadly this controller will not be part of the deal. 

I bought this because my television's audio quality was awful. Very tin can like. This sound bar lets you hear that sweet sweet bass, and has a variety of EQ settings you can switch to depending on the game your playing. It even has a "night mode" which caps the volume from getting to high and rudely waking your neighbours without actually turning the volume down and not being able to hear anything. OUTSTANDING!

Here's the deal, if you're interested we can meet at a starbucks, you bring the money and I'll bring the speaker bar. I'll be the guy with a speaker bar, you'll see. We make the exchange, done and done. 

The speaker bar cost me over $200 a year ago, so I think half price is fair and stands firm. 
I will discount the speaker bar by $10 if you arrive in a leopard skin pill box hat. No other hat will do.

If, by chance, you want the speaker bar, I invite you to visit the listing here. But be quick, I'm sure another non-African prince in a leopard skin pill box hat wanting to hear the sweet sweet bass will snatch it up quickly.