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Oh No, I've Reached The End Of The Internet!

Where do you turn when the Internet is no longer satisfying?

Road Ends at 50 Feet (picture)

I primarily read about two things online: cars and tech. After nearly twenty years online, I figure my internet habits have become quite refined. I can chew through the day's news on those two topics in about twenty minutes. I don't Facebookwhich I suspect is probably a good thingand while I like Twitter, I'm terrible about visiting it often.

Perhaps I'm not interactive enough, or maybe my desire to read everything has waned, but I just feel like I've reached the end of the internet. I'm now in a holding pattern waiting for stuff to happen, new posts to arrive, new memes to appear. It happens with music, tooI know there are other genres I could explore and back catalogues to discover, but I just want something new to arrive. Everything that's on my radar right now is just boring me to tears.

So, lying in bed one night last week, hitting refresh on my favourite sites, a lightbulb went off. I remembered this old source of material that I had more or less forgotten about. A treasure trove of new content that I knew would hold some serious enjoyment for me, and be personally gratifying...


My house is literally full of these things. I have a wife who likes them, a lot, and she's been downloading/buying them for years and so we have hard drives/bookshelves full of them. What's great is that they seem to still work even when my internet's out. Pages refresh very quickly, and the text is crisp and readable. The battery life is insane on these things, I have yet to recharge one. There doesn't seem to be much of a comments section, but I'm okay with thatlike I said, I'm not very interactive on the internet, either. I picked up a new site/book that seems pretty good and I'm pleased as punch to keep coming back to it each night.

In conclusion, and in summary, I highly recommend books if you find yourself at the end of the internet.