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Only The Very Best

Some of the finest things aren't that fine

only the very best

A few years ago, I found myself thinking about buying a Jeep. Not a Grand Cherokee, or a Liberty, Patriot, or Compass, but a proper the-doors-and-roof-come-off Jeep. I realized then that nobody makes a better Jeep (that I can buy here in North America, that is) than the Jeep TJ (now the Wrangler). This meant that for a very attainable price, I could have "the very best." Sweet, I thought, I can have the Bugatti, the Louis Vuitton, the Dom Perignon of Jeeps.

I bought that Jeep. It was horrible. And months later, I sold it.

Undeterred, I thought up a new "very best"the Casio calculator watch. Others may make calculator watches, but for those in the know, only a Casio will do. Only a Casio is the very best. It's 1970s technology, sure, but it's also the original smart watch. Although Pulsar and HP were first to release them, Casio made them cool in the mid-80s.

Calculator Watch Coolness - Exhibit A:

Smart watches have become a thing of late with the release of the Pebble, Samsung Galaxy Gear, and Sony SmartWatch. Sure, they integrate some of your phone's functions wirelessly, and their screens have slick animations and touch functionality, but do their batteries last for 10 years? Not so much. Do they perform all their functions in the absence of a smart phone? Not a chance. And do they have the pedigree of 30+ years of stagnant development? They wish.

Calculator Watch Coolness - Exhibit B:

Now, to rack my brain for the next "very best." Any ideas?