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5 Favourite Books From My Childhood

Share These Oldies But Goodies With Your Kids

Uncovering a well-loved book from my childhood feels like finding a long-lost friend. No matter how many years have passed, an inexplicable affection remains. So, naturally I presume my kids will love these books the way I do. I admit, my feelings are kind of hurt when a favourite childhood book gets rejected. What do you mean, "boring!?"

Happily, I found some favourites that my kids love as much as I did (do). Joy! These books are just as awesome for them as they are for me. True classics that transcend time and place. Best part is I get to relive a piece of my childhood with my kids. Nothing lame about that.


1. Little Blue and Little Yellow 

A blue blob and yellow blob are best friends. They hug, and turn green. Trouble is, nobody in their families recognizes them. Whatever will they do? I can't explain it, but kids love this book. I never got the deeper message of racial harmony as a child, and I don't think my kids do either. There's just something about the drawings and the words.

2. The Story of Ferdinand

A strong bull is taken away and trained for the bullfights in Madrid. But Ferdinand just sits and smell the flowers. How I love this book! My kids didn't miss the message about staying true to yourself, despite the pressures around you.

3- Mister Men Series Mr. Bump walks into everything. How will he ever get by in life? Mr. Messy is a disaster. Will Mr. Neat and Mr. Tidy be able to change his ways? These books are adorable, and great for practicing reading skills.


4. Pierre: A Cautionary Tale in Five Chapters and a Prologue. (From the Nutshell Library.) 

No matter what his parents do or say, Pierre says, "I don't care." Until one day, a lion comes to eat him up. Written in rhyming verse, all the charming stories in this collection are memorable.

5. Corduroy

Nobody wants to buy a teddy bear who is missing a button on his overalls. What do sad little bears do after all the shoppers have gone? Will he ever find a true home? Kids love stories about stuffies who come to life. This sweet tale about friendship will resonate with anyone who has ever had a special stuffy.

Which favourite books from your childhood do you share with your kids?