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Chicktionary: The Free App that Hatches Hours of Fun

Kids scramble words while you steal some eggs-tra alone time

We're down to the final week of winter break, and I could really use some quiet time. Know what I mean? We're having a ton of fun doing activities together, but I have to admit the ipad is starting to make more frequent appearances. I don't mind if the kids play mindless games now and then, but I feel better when they enjoy an app that has educational value. Thank you Chicktionary!

Recently included in TIME Magazine's top 25 apps for kids, this game is really all it's cracked up to be. (haha.) 

What's it about?

Seven cute chickens each display a letter on their bellies. Players tap combinations of letters to form as many words as possible.  Every time players make a valid word, it appears in the egg crate above the chickens. Choose between the 3 minute speed-play version, or take your time with the long-play version. If you're stumped, you can tap "beak sneak" or "free bird" for letter clues. 


What's the educational value?

Kids will work on spelling, reading, and even gain a little vocabulary. Players are pushed to find longer words to fill up the egg crates. Words not found are displayed at the end of each round, and you can click on any word to see its definition.

What about the fun factor?

Kids find the clucking and squawking chickens really cute, and they love the challenge of upping their scores each round. A new multiplayer "Chicktionary Coop" version for ipad allows you to "customize your chicken COOP with hats, bandanas, costumes and more!" You can challenge Facebook friends to a multiplayer game, or team up to solve puzzles.


Everyone in our family has been cracking up with Chicktionary. It's a fun break when we're feeling a little cooped up! :)