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Top 5 Fun Indoor Family Activities for Cold Days

You don't have to freeze outside to have fun with your family this winter!

Building snowmen in -30c windchill weather isn't everybody's cup of tea. With winter break around the corner, you might be looking for family activities that don't involve freezing your tushy off. Staying indoors doesn't have to mean hours of mindless screen time. I've put together 5 indoor activities that will keep everyone engaged, and you don't even have to leave your house! Perfect for those extra cold days, for home bodies, for the slightly lazy, and for family bonding.

1. Board Games Galore

We've all heard the family that plays together stays together. Games are a great way to bond, to learn, and to let loose. You could go for a classic like Life or Monopoly, or you could try one of my family's favourites from this list.

2. Crazy Cooking

Prepare to get messy and crazy in the kitchen. Cooking as a family is fun, educational, and the best part? The eating, of course. Here are some tips on keeping it under control, and some easy recipes to make from Canned Soup Mom. She even makes muffins in a blender!

3. Movie Marathon

Snuggling on the couch and watching movies together doesn't have to be mind numbing for adults. Check out my favourite family films that will keep everyone in the family interested and entertained.

4. Get crafty even if you're not Martha Stewart

I'm craft challenged, so I loved these ideas for top 8 snowflake crafts for kids of all ages. Even I can cut snowflakes, and these are pretty nifty. My kids will love decorating the windows with their creations. Tip: Save boxes and wrapping paper, so kids can make their own doll houses and forts. It's amazing how many hours of play kids get out of a box!

5. Reading Popcorn Party

Popcorn? Check. Hot chocolate? Check. Fireplace? Check. Blankets? Check. Favourite books? Check. Sharing books is extra fun when food is involved. It's not just reading, it's a reading party! Everyone brings a book to the table, so this is also a great way to expose kids to new titles. Here are 3 great titles for tweens, and some laugh-out-loud reads for the whole family.

Stay warm, and happy holidays to you and your family!

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