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New App Helps You Bond with Your Baby

Can't recall nursery rhymes and tickle games from your childhood? There's an app for that!

Remember feeling that special bond as your mother bounced you on her knees while singing a nursery rhyme? My mother always had a large repertoire of children's songs and finger plays ready to go. It's different for parents today. Maybe it's due to greater distance between families or to television; Our generation can't whip out many of the lyrics and actions to traditional nursery rhymes like our parents could.

Bonding with your kids over Mother Goose is not only fun, it's also beneficial to children's intellectual development. Nursery rhymes develop language skills, memory, movement, and a connection to culture.

You don't have to memorize pages from books to bring yourself up to speed on "Five Little Monkeys." I recommend you check out the "Mulberry Finger Plays" app. 


Videos feature a professional children's entertainer performing classic songs with finger plays. You can view the lyrics separately, or tap the icon for a quick description of the finger play.  

Unlike many apps, Mulberry Finger Plays encourages interaction between parent and child. According to Mulberry Media, "It is specially designed for you to create magical moments of quality connection and bonding with your little one...It is not intended for children to experience on their own." 

I really like the twist on honouring traditional songs and games by using 21st century technology. Bonding with your baby is literally at your fingertips!

You can download five videos for free, and then choose to purchase more than 20 videos for $1.99.


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