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Fostering Creative IQ In Your Kids

How to give your child the creative edge in a competitive world

You've probably heard that creative activities are good for your child's brain development and self-esteem. You may be interested to know that creativity will also play an important role in your child's future career, whether in business, the sciences, or the arts. Employers of the 21st century are looking for creative thinkers: People who see multiple solutions to challenges, and who can present material in an engaging manner. With all these present and future benefits in mind, how can you encourage creativity in your children?

Engaging in creative learning activities with your kids is a good way to get started. "Creative IQ: Giving Young Learners the Creative Edge in a Competitive World" shows you over 100 fun activities you can do with your kids to develop creative thinking. Activities involve art, music, drama, creative movement, cooking, science, mathematics and fitness - all contained within ten themes.


Hands-down my favourite theme is "Chocolotta...hard to resist." Using your five senses (YUM!), you consider or evaluate chocolate, and market it as a product. Of course, there's also the eating part! My kids also loved inventing their own restaurant as a way of practicing math skills.

Your kids will problem solve, visualize, collaborate, present, and think in ways that are not typically presented at school. If you want to learn, have fun, and develop your child's "Creative IQ" —from "fruitastic fun" to "winter wonderland" - there are plenty of activities worth doing together.

"Creative IQ" includes colourful photographs, clear explanations of learning goals, and a skill index.

 (Authors: Schneeweiss and Sefton. $24.95, available at