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10 Easy Ways to Savour the Last Days of Summer

Ditch your back to school list and squeeze in some summer fun. It's now or never!

Forget back to school shopping and lunch preparations. It can all wait, because summer vacation is ALMOST OVER!  Last chance to squeeze in a few more carefree moments of pure summer fun. Shorter days and earlier wake-ups are just around the corner. Homework and extra-curricular activities will soon fill our spare time.

I'm ripping up  my "Get Ready for School list" and replacing it with a "Savour the last week of summer" list. Why? Because the kids won't have summer vacation forever. Because soon the kids won't want to hang out with Mom all summer. 

I'm saying goodbye to summer vacation with a bang! (Disclaimer: You might feel a little harried next week. It's okay! Click here to get organized in a pinch.

10 Easy Ways to Savour the Last Days of Summer

 Go to a water park or outdoor pool. (Yup, again.)

 Have a picnic in the park.

 Chase down an ice cream truck or run to a favourite ice cream shop.

 Invite friends over and run through the sprinkler in the backyard.

 Wander a farmer's market for fresh-baked treats, or grab some strawberries and rhubarb to make this pie with the kids. 

 Visit a berry-picking farm and gorge on the pickings.

 Be a tourist in the city, and discover a new attraction.

 Stay in pyjamas all day while watching movies and reading books. (Click here for book recommendations.)

 Make Sharpie tie dye T-shirts. (Click here to learn how.)

 Go on a family bike ride.

How will you savour the final days of summer?