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Have Fun on March Break Without Breaking Your Budget

Save money while saving your sanity this March Break

March Break Ideas |

March Break is just about here and many of us are looking for things to do with our kiddos. Money is tight for many families and finding cost effective activities can be a challenge. Weekly camps can cost hundreds of dollars and free options like spending all day at the park are not always possible in the winter weather. Here are some cool ideas to keep your kids entertained this March Break that will save you money and not suck.

Brunching with kids  

There’s no better time to get together with your mom friends then March Break because hey, we're all off watching our kids. Book a place that is kid friendly. Meet at 11 am, before the lunch rush and just in time to get home for the kids nap if you have little ones. Your kids will love seeing their friends, and you get to have a mimosa before noon on a weekday. Brunch is also much cheaper than dinner.  

Book a prince

These are usually reserved for birthday parties and weekends, but you can book a character like a superhero or princess to come during the week to your house. Cost runs around $200 and these actors can keep kids entertained for 2 hours. If your kids are older book a scientist who does parties. Best advice is to find a character that is relevant to a wide age group. Split the costs with other moms and their kids. Offer to host to the event and make it an afternoon potluck. Moms can chat while kids are being entertained and the cooking responsibility is minimal. If you have 10 kids the cost can be as low as $20 each. 

Toy swap

Get together with other moms and their kids to swap your gently used toys. You can ask each kid to bring five toys they no longer play with but are still in great condition. Kids can get together and swap toys with each other and go home with a whole new set of things to play with. It’s much cheaper than visiting the toy store and better for the environment too. Again, get one mom to host and have each mom bring a dish or a bottle of wine. 

Go shopping

Sounds awesome — and it's true. Many retailers hold free March Break activities. Ikea has fun activities each day of March Break for kids 12 and under, Lowes Canada and Home Depot are holding workshops for kids to learn to create and build, and Indigo is hosting several in-store activities each day of the week. Check online for more details.

March Break is time for kids to be off and take a break from school. But it can often be one of the most stressful times for parents as they scramble to find things to for their kids to do. Hopefully this list helps, so have fun!

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