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A Mom’s Long, Long Day

The beauty of blogging is that we know we’re not alone

After dinner last night Connor and I camped out in my bed and watched an episode of The Muppet Show on DVD. I have fond memories of watching The Muppet Show with my dad when I was little. He used to make a “nest” for my siblings and me—essentially we’d sit in the space made when he bent his knees while lying on the couch.

The episode Connor and I watched was the one with Paul Simon as the guest star, which aired in 1980 so there’s a good chance I watched it on TV with my dad.

“It's been a long, long day
I sure could use a friend
Don't know what else to say
I hate to abuse an old cliché
But it's been a long, long day
It’s been a long, long day”

The last stanza of Paul Simon’s song “Long, Long Day” is exactly why I share when days are tough. As moms we all have long days, and sometimes we just need a friend. (So thank you to those of you who let me know I’m not alone in feeling that way sometimes.)

As well as being lyrically on the mark, the song is beautiful. So I share it with you here. The Muppet version, of course.