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Triple Chocolate Coffee Brownies

Get All Your Vices in One Delicious Bite

Triple Chocolate Coffee Brownies

Ever wonder how to get all your vices in one bite?

We've got the answer — these fudgy and fantastic Triple Chocolate Coffee Brownies. Yes, it's mocha madness with these moist brownies chock full of brewed coffee, the trinity of chocolate (milk, semi-sweet and white chocolate) and chunks of chopped Oreo cookies. If that doesn't sell you on these blissful brownies, consider that they're topped with a creamy coffee frosting!


1½ cups butter, melted
1½ cups sugar
1½ cups brown sugar
4 eggs
¼ cup coffee, cooled
1 tsp vanilla extract
1½ cups flour
1 cup cocoa powder, sifted
1 tsp baking powder
½ tsp kosher salt
1 cup chopped Oreo cookies
1 cup chopped milk chocolate
1 cup semi sweet chocolate chips
1 cup white chocolate chips

Coffee Frosting

¼ cup butter, softened
2 cups icing sugar
2 tbsp strong brewed coffee, cooled
1 tsp vanilla extract 


 For the brownies, preheat oven to 325ºF. Coat a 13x9-inch baking pan with non-stick cooking spray. Line the pan with parchment paper. 

 In a large bowl, whisk melted butter, sugar and brown sugar until combined. Add eggs, coffee and vanilla extract and continue to whisk until smooth. Add flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, salt, Oreo cookies, milk chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate and white chocolate, stirring just until flour has disappeared. Spread into prepared pan and bake for 45 minutes. Remove from oven and let cool completely. Once cool, refrigerate for 2 hours before frosting.

 For the coffee frosting, using an electric mixer, cream butter and icing sugar on low to combine. Add coffee and vanilla extract and continue to mix on medium speed until reaches a smooth and desired spreading consistency.
Spread frosting on cooled brownies.

Yield: 25-30 brownies

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