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Marinated Tomato, Brie and Basil Salad

Full-flavour, no-fuss way to enjoy tomato season

by: Paula Roy
Ripe tomatoes and brie drizzled with hot olive oil and dressed with basil make for a delicious summery salad

Like its cousin, the cute Caprese, this salad is an absolute stunner during tomato season. Despite having just a few ingredients, it delivers a huge flavour. It’s great on its own, or as a topping for slices of baguette. I like to use brie that’s been aging for a few weeks in my refrigerator for a slightly tangier taste. The way to judge the ‘ripeness’ of brie is simple – young brie will have 45 or more days to go before its best before date; semi-ripened has 20 – 45 days to go and fully ripened will have 20 or less days to go and will feel much softer than young brie when you press on the rind. This salad is best made an hour or two ahead of time; simply cover the bowl and leave it to marinate at room temperature.

tomato brie basil salad recipe |


Several ripe, fresh tomatoes, chopped
Hunk of brie (at whatever stage of ripeness you prefer), chopped
A tablespoon or two of olive oil
Few grinds salt and pepper
Handful fresh basil leaves, chopped
tomato brie basil salad recipe |


 Combine tomatoes and brie in a bowl and stir gently to combine.

 Heat a generous glug of olive oil - enough to very lightly coat whatever quantity of tomatoes and brie you've chopped -  in the microwave till it is hot but not boiling.

 Drizzle the warm oil over the tomatoes and brie then sprinkle with salt, pepper and basil.

 Stir gently then cover with plastic wrap and let sit at room temperature for at least one hour so cheese softens and flavours blend.

 Stir gently and serve at room temperature, as is or with slices of baguette.

tomato brie basil salad recipe |

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