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Cocktail Emergency? This SOS Instant Shandy Has You Covered

The cocktail that gets more delicious with each melting moment

by: Paula Roy
Beer and pink lemonade ice cubes makes the easiest, most refreshing cocktail ever

I know it might be hard to believe, but there are such things as cocktail emergencies…like when your BFF texts using all the rage emoticons, when you have a great day and want to have a spontaneous celebration or when the in-laws show up unannounced and you’re still in your PJs in the afternoon. This cocktail solves the problem of an unanticipated happy hour, and it does so with finesse. You can substitute ginger beer, dealcoholized beer or even sparkling water for the beer if you’d like a mocktail option. This one’s kind of magical because while the first sip is cool and refreshing, it gets even tastier as the lemonade cubes melt into the beer. Best of all? You can whip up this drink by the pitcherful as needed. I know I’m going to be sure to have lemonade ice cubes in my freezer all summer long so I can enjoy this refreshing drink anytime.


1 can Lemonade concentrate (I prefer pink)

SOS Instant Shandy Cocktail |


  Make lemonade ice cubes – but only add 3/4 of the water called for so the cubes will be more flavourful – and freeze. If you want to get all fancy, add a few frozen raspberries or blueberries to your lemonade before freezing.

  To make the shandies, simply put three or four lemonade ice cubes in a glass. Fill with beer and enjoy! If you’re a fast sipper, you may need to add more beer so the lemonade goodness doesn’t go to waste.

SOS Instant Shandy Cocktail |

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