Here Are 6 Ways a Smartphone Will Make Your Life Easier in the Kitchen

Click, tap or swipe to save time, money and stress.

by: Paula Roy

Now that there are about 200 zillion recipes on the internet, there’s no end to the culinary inspiration that can be found online. But did you know that you can use your smartphone for more than just searching for menu ideas? Here are six ways to save money, time and stress in the kitchen with just a few clicks, taps or swipes.

Paula Roy readily admits that she’s obsessed with food. Typically, it’s the first thing she thinks of in the morning and the last of the day as well. She recognizes that not everyone shares her passion for cooking, so she channels much of her enthusiasm into creating family-friendly recipes that are easy to prepare and yield delicious results.

Although her husband and kids are eager taste testers, Paula knows she’ll eventually be paying for their therapy thanks to her constant cries of, “don’t touch that plate, I haven’t taken a photo yet!”

Paula loves to travel and explore whatever culinary treasures a destination has to offer. In addition to leading cooking classes and making frequent TV appearances, she’s also a busy freelance writer and serves as the food editor of popular style magazine Ottawa At Home. In addition to her contributions for YMC, you can also follow Paula’s edible adventures through her blog, Constantly Cooking, and keep up with her daily kitchen antics on Twitter and Instagram (@paulajroy).