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Blueberry Sweet Treat for Father's Day Brunch

A Mostly Make-Ahead Puff Pastry Breakfast Treat

by: Paula Roy

When I read about Nutella-stuffed puff pastry being cooked in a waffle iron, I knew I had to jump on the "puffle" bandwagon. Reading reviews of the original post on Epicurious, it seemed as though it would take a juicy, flavourful filling to balance out the plain-tasting puff pastry. My food-obsessed brain then starting thinking about cheesecake, and I was pretty sure I had a winning combination. You can prepare the cream cheese and blueberries the night before, leaving you just a quick assembly job in the morning.

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Don’t be daunted by the waffle iron math – it is easy and works out perfectly every time. Don’t be surprised if your entire family offers to do extra chores in exchange for these impossibly delicious confections. They’d be outstanding for a Mother’s or Father’s Day breakfast.

Blueberry Cream Cheese Stuffed Waffles



  • 2 sheets puff pastry
  • 4 ounces (1/2 cup) cream cheese
  • 6 tbsp white sugar, divided
  • 1 cup blueberries (fresh or frozen) *
  • 3 tbsp water (1 tbsp if using frozen berries)
  • 2 tsp cornstarch dissolved in 1 tbsp water
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • icing sugar, for dusting

*note: you can use 2/3 cup blueberry jam instead of making the blueberry sauce


The night before, transfer the puff pastry from the freezer to the fridge. You want it thawed but still cold when you assemble the waffles in the 

Also the night before, whip together the cream cheese and 3 tablespoons of the white sugar with an electric mixer. Transfer to a small bowl; cover and refrigerate.

Final night before prep: if not using blueberry jam, combine blueberries, initial amount of water and remaining 3 tablespoons of white sugar in a small saucepan. Combine cornstarch and water and add to the berry mixture.

Bring to a boil over medium heat, then reduce heat to low and cook, stirring often, for 3 - 5 minutes until glossy and thickened. Transfer to a small bowl; cover and store at room temperature until ready to assemble waffles.

Measure waffle iron and roll out puff pastry between two sheets of parchment paper. My waffle iron compartments measure 3.25 inches by 4 inches so I rolled out each sheet to be about 13.5 x 8.5 inches; that way I could cut four strips of dough each 3.25 inches x 8 inches, doubling over each strip to become 3.25 x 4 or the size of each of the four compartments. If your waffle iron is round, you'll need to cut two circles the size of the waffle maker.) 

Trim the edges of the puff pastry sheet to even them up, then cut your strips.

Put about 1 tbsp of cream cheese followed by 1 tbsp of blueberry filling on one end of each rectangle, leaving a half-inch border around the fillings so you can seal the pastry.

Using your fingertip, brush the edges of the pastry with the beaten egg then fold over to seal. Press down lightly on the edges with your fingertips, then crimp them together with the tines of a fork.

Gently transfer the prepared pastries to the waffle maker. Close the lid and cook for 5 - 6 minutes, until golden and crispy on the outside.

Transfer to serving plates and dust with icing sugar.

Makes 8 waffles