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The Vancouver Eclipse

Not Your Average Hockey Team

Have you ever tried to do something and just go so frustrated that you gave up? What about just thinking about doing something monumental and not even attempting it? Yeah, me too. It’s pretty common. And it’s much easier to say “Oh, I don’t think so” at the mere thought of a task than to actually take it on.

Especially with sports. I mean, look at the training, stamina and strength that you’d need to have to play a sport like oh, say… hockey. I barely have the stamina to watch an entire hockey game, much less even play one so they must truly have rock solid, iron clad determination.

Now take that determination they have and times it by about a thousand. Maybe more. Then you have the amount of determination that the Vancouver Eclipse hockey team has.

Most members of this hockey team are visually impaired or are legally blind - if not totally blind.

This amazing organization has been organized since 1995 and is working towards getting a national Blind Hockey League. The purpose of their group is “to give everyone in BC who has a visual impairment or is blind the chance to play the great Game of HOCKEY!”

That’s it, pure and simple. How awesome is that?

For more information about the Vancouver Eclipse, check out www.vancouvereclipse.ca

~ Eileen Fisher: YMC Social Media Manager ~