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The Cookbook Queen: Rose Reisman

On Food, Family, and what makes her happy

YOUR HAPPY PLACE is a regular column in which celebrated and celebrity mummies share their vision of happiness, plus tactics for cheering themselves up when the going gets tough.

Name: Rose Reisman

Occupation: Canada's go-to nutrition and wellness expert and executive director of Glow Fresh Grill in Toronto and owner of Rose Reisman Catering and Personal Gourmet.

Claim to Fame: Rose is the author of 17 best-selling books on nutrition and healthy cooking. She's a regular guest expert on Breakfast Television, Cityline, Canada AM, 680 News and the National Post.

At Home: Rose lives in Toronto with her husband and is a mummy of four children.

Why we love her: Rose's Personal Gourmet service delivers healthy, great tasting meals directly to your door. Just pop them in the oven and serve. If that's not happiness to a busy mummy's ears, I don't know what is. Plus, her new cookbook Rose Reisman's Family Favourites is filled with simple recipes and tips for juggling a hectic schedule and still making great family meals that can be enjoyed together.

Q: How would you describe your Happy Place?

A: My Happy Place is when all my four children are at my home for dinner. We actually practice this routine weekly. (I’ve made them sign a contract!). I will ask each for their favorite meals and make them all.  But as you know, a mother’s generosity can often be taken advantage of.  One hates red peppers, another doesn’t eat anything with a head on it, and one asks why I make the others' favorite dessert all the time!  I can never win. But despite these “hissy fits,” being together, discussing their personal issues, politics, and their school or work brings me to a Happy Place.

Q: What do you do to make yourself happy when life gets overwhelming?

A: When life gets overwhelming I try to be as super scheduled as humanly possible. This type of self-organization actually calms me down. Otherwise I will get stressed thinking about what I have to do. I also make sure to have two workouts a day when stressed out and spend lots of time with my two German Shepherds, otherwise known as my “hairy kids”! I have one “crazy” Shepherd who I’m in the process of training so he’ll be more dog-friendly. I’ve actually realized having this hobby gives me something other than work to focus on. One day I’m successful, the next day he wants to take the head off anything that moves in the park. But believe it or not, I’m making real headway with my dog.  Just think, if your dog looks like he's about to attack another dog, other thoughts quickly leave your mind!

Q: Is there a Happy person you aspire to be more like?  What is it about him/her you'd like to emulate? 

A: There is no one out there I’d like to be specifically. But I would love to have a more calm and confident state about myself. I’m always thinking about what tomorrow, next week, and next year will bring.  Maybe Buddhism is the answer! I’ve heard that Buddhists have a quiet aura about them all the time and live in the moment. They enjoy life in a different way than the rest of us. I would love to enjoy my days fully and travel more and enjoy time away more than I do now. In Buddhism, nothing is fixed or permanent and change in one’s self is possible....I can’t think of a more ideal way to live life!