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Cadbury Bicycle Factory

Enjoy A Treat And Help Make a Child Smile

For us, chocolate is always our Happy Place and after finding out about The Cadbury Bicycle Factory’s mandate to build and send bicycles to school children in Ghana, it just got a little happier.

In Africa, bicycles represent a whole lot more than a way to have fun outdoors or a way to get some exercise. Bikes provide a much-needed mode of transportation to move food, water, and people and especially to give children access to education.

What does this have to do with Cadbury? Well, since Cadbury sources most of their cocoa from Ghana, they have been doing a lot of development work to continually improve the lives of the cocoa farming communities. In Ghana, distances are so great to schools that children are often walking 6 km or more per day to get to and from school and are either arriving too tired to learn, or not arriving at all. However, with bicycles, these kids are able to arrive on time and without having expended nearly as much energy. They’re able to concentrate and learn much more – which translates into an increased quality of life and a brighter future.

So Cadbury has found a way for their tasty treats in a way that will benefit the children of Ghana with the Cadbury Bicycle Factory. And you get to eat and help! It's as simple as following these two steps:

1. Buy any of their participating products – Dairy Milk, Caramilk, Toblerone, Cote d’Or, Trident, Dentyne, Stride, Maynards candies (Wine Gums, Sour Patch Kids etc.), and HALLS.

2. Once you’ve indulged and maybe shared some with your fam, simply take the package to your computer and enter the UPC code (that’s the bar-code thingy on the back) on The Bicycle Factory’s Facebook page or on thebicyclefactory.ca.

Each UPC represents a bike part and for every 100 UPCs entered, they will send a real bike to Ghana. Because this program is wrapping up soon, Cadbury has upped the ante! For every UPC code you enter, they will match it, to ensure they reach their bike building goal!

The factory doors close on July 31, so let’s get eating and building!

And the next time you bite into that chocolate bar, you’ll feel a new sense of achievement. Doesn't that make you feel happy?

This blog is proudly sponsored by The Cadbury Bicycle Factory