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Black Forest Brownie Trifle

Step into the Sweet, Luxurious Chocolatey Abyss

Black Forest Brownie Trifle

Date nights are few and far between in my marriage. With young children and no family close by, we don't have the means to get out as often as we might like. That's okay; we find other ways to make it work.

Every Friday, we have a date night at home. After we tuck the kids into bed, my husband will pour us each generous glass of red wine and we  get to work cooking up a scrumptious dinner together - a dinner always capped off with dessert, because what date night is ever complete without dessert. 

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When it comes down to the dessert, I opt for one that is quick and easy. Not one that is going to require a lot of time and effort to prepare. After all time is always of the essence in the land of parenthood, especially on a date night. You want to be able to enjoy yourself and make the most of it!

This is why I like to prepare mini trifles in advance. Trifles are rich, creamy, and oh-so-dreamy. Leaving a lot for the mouth to lust after with each and every bite. Heaven knows that there is just no stopping yourself after just one bite.

The trifle recipe I am sharing with you is actually inspired by a trifle that I had for dessert at a local restaurant the last time I managed to score a night out on the town. Yes, I actually got out of the house without the kids. This trifle is infused with brownie chunks, cherries, chocolate pudding and whipped cream. I dare you to try it and not get lost in the sweet, luxurious abyss!


Cheesecake Brownies
A can of cherry pie filling
Chocolate Pudding
Whipped Cream
Maraschino Cherries


 Place a thin layer of brownies in the bottom of several small mason jars or glasses.

 Top the brownie with a layer of chocolate pudding followed by a layer of cherry pie filling, and a layer of whipped cream.

 Place another thin row of brownies on top of the whipped cream, and layer again with pudding, pie filling and whipped cream. 

 Garnish with a maraschino cherry.