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Why September is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It's not just back to school that makes it

Back to school routines

When I was a kid I loved going back to school. I couldn’t wait to see my friends, I adored getting new school supplies and back to school shopping was my favourite kind of shopping spree. I put a lot of thought into my first day of school outfit.

Yes, school was kind of my thing.

Then I grew up and the first September after my last year of school I felt lost. It was almost like my internal clock was telling me that I was supposed to be somewhere but there wasn’t anywhere for me to go; except on the subway to my office job just as I had been doing every day since I graduated. Just as I would be doing every day for the foreseeable future.

Every September for the next 10 years it was like I was missing the fun and excitement. I bought myself new fall clothes even though I had nowhere new to wear them. I smiled at every school bus that drove by.

Then I had kids and the back to school excitement was reignited!

Sending the kids back to class is my favourite time of year and not for the reasons you think.

September is almost like my New Year’s. It’s when everything resets. New teachers, new classes, new routines.

I’m a person who needs routines.

Yes it’s true, it can be fun to go on bike rides when we are usually starting baths. It’s nice to throw something on the BBQ for dinner and not have to worry about bedtimes.

You know what’s even better than that?


Early bedtimes. Knowing that Mondays are for swimming lessons and Friday’s are for dance. Clearing the dinner table quickly so that you can set up to do homework. Letting soup simmer on the stovetop while you do laundry on a Sunday afternoon.

I’m so excited to meet new teachers. I can’t wait to learn about what field trips the kids will be going on. That first scholastic order form is waiting for me!

School performances, parent teacher nights, library books! I love it all. I feel like I should have been a teacher, except I hate teaching! I just LOVE school!

I want to pass my love of school on to my kids. I want them to enjoy it as much as I did.

My kids seem to be excited about going back to school. My son is looking forward to his new classroom and new teacher. My daughter can’t wait to put the senior in senior kindergarten. That can only mean that I am succeeding in passing on my pro-school attitude.

The start of the school year is back to being the most exciting time of year. I’m reliving my passion through my kids, I know, but I don’t care. I get to go back to school shopping again! New backpacks, pencil cases and that eraser smell…I can’t get enough of that eraser smell!

By the time May rolls around I might be longing for the carefree days of summer again. I could be counting down the days until I no longer have to pack school lunches or suffer through practicing our spelling tests. For now, I happily pack their new gear into their new bags and label it all with their personalized labels.

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