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Five Snacks to Take on the Road

Road Trip Treats that are Fun & Healthy

I just love road trips! And I always try to bring some easy and healthy snacks to keep the whole family happy in the car.

When I was a kid, we used to go to visit my grandparents every weekend. We would leave on Friday after school and get back Sunday evening. It was a long drive that would take us sometimes up to 5 hours (like in the winter…). Luckily my mom always had lots of games to keep my brother and I busy - and best of all, special snacks that we were only allowed to have on the road, like lollipops, bits & bites, chocolate cookies and my favourite: Gummy Bears!

Nowadays, the health conscious moms we have become rarely go for such treats, at least not in the car… where the last thing you need is a sugar rush!

So here are my Top 5 healthy snacks to take on the road:

1. Lots of crunchy fresh veggies with hummus 


2. Mini ham and cucumber pita sandwiches or delicious quesadillas


3. A variety of beautiful pizza squares


4. Flavoured homemade popcorn


5. A bowl of fresh fruits

These ideas are so easy and believe me, they don’t take long to prepare. This being said, if you do not have any time, don’t feel like being in the kitchen, and/or just want to top up what you already have, there are lots of healthy choices you can get on-the-go.

In fact you might be surprised at the variety of snacks you can find at convenience stores.

And what about you? What's your road trip snacking strategy?