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Have A Lobster Feast: 3 Great Ways To Enjoy Lobster

Whether it's steamed, boiled or barbecued, lobster is a tasty treat!

It's lobster season once again. Woohoo! It means summer is right around the corner! To enjoy this marvel from the sea to its best, here are 3 easy ways to eat it—whole, in a bun, and in a bowl.

Unless you are from the East Coast and you grew up with lobsters, you will appreciate that today some supermarkets, like Loblaws, will steam your lobster for you fresh on the spot, so you can take it home ready to eat. That saves you the tears and fears of soaking it alive in boiling water. But whether it is cooked or you boil it, steam it or cut it in half and put in straight on the BBQ, always make sure you buy a couple of extra lobsters to make lobster rolls the next day. And never throw out the shell, you will need it for your lobster bisque.

Tip: If you cook your lobster yourself, do not forget to remove the elastics, otherwise the claws will taste like yucky rubber. 

I came across the best lobster roll recipe ever as I was shooting a video at Les Touilleurs, my favourite kitchenware and accessory store in Montreal, where they also have amazing cooking classes and the best collection of cooking books. Sylvain Côté, of Les Touilleurs, agreed to let me share his recipe with you:

Lobster Rolls


300g of lobster flesh (about 2 lobsters)
2 tbs of fennel bulb diced (you can also use celery, with its leaves)
1 tbs of fresh dill, minced 
80 ml (⅓ cup) of mayo (store bought or homemade) 
Juice of a lemon
1 pinch of Cayenne pepper
Salt and pepper to taste
4 hot dog buns


 Remove shell from the lobster.

 In a bowl, mix all the ingredients together. 

 Butter the buns.

 Grill the buns and fill them with the lobster mixture.

 Serve with potato chips and/or lettuce.

(serves 4 people)

Thank you Sylvain Côté for the recipe!

If you feel decadent and want to indulge in more, try Chuck Hughes lobster poutine! Mmmmmm!