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Top Three Foods To Boost Your Energy

And Brighten Your Mood

Top Three Foods To Boost Your Energy

Spring is here, but it surely doesn’t feel like it yet! This is probably the longest winter we’ve known and even though we know that the good weather is ahead of us, warm sunny days are still few and far in between and that is tough on our yummy mummy mood.

Try adding these superfoods to your daily menu and notice how they help boost your energy and lighten your moods:

1. Get that Vitamin C

Even though it has been said for years that oranges are the greatest source of vitamin C found in food, we now know that we get the greatest amount of Vitamin C from red and yellow peppers, guavas, kiwis, berries, and even dark green leafy vegetables, like kale. So stock up your fridge with these colourful and tasty fruits and veggies.

2. Experiment with Superfoods

Spirulina, maca and cacao powder are superfoods you'll want to try.  Adding these three ingredients to your morning smoothie will not only taste great, but it will boost your energy like you wouldn’t believe. For those who are not familiar with maca powder, it is a root from Peru that is similar to ginseng. It is helpful for balancing hormones, decreasing stress levels, enhancing strength, stamina, and, yes, libido! It also gives an energy similar to coffee, without the side effects . . . (note: it is not suitable for pregnant or nursing women, and you should research compatibility if you are taking medicine).

3. Go Green

Beyond kale, all types of green vegetables are winners for extra energy and vitality. Try adding something green at every meal and you will see the difference in less than three days. And by saying green, I don’t mean lettuce. Go for spinach, fresh peas, broccoli, green beans, and fresh asparagus. If you want to go a little fancier, try this easy artichoke vinaigrette.   

And most of all, breathe, enjoy, and smile . . . the better days are just around the corner!  

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