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Why Not Fondue For Two This Valentine's Day?

Romantic and Sexy

Here is an idea for Valentine's Dayinstead of spending lots of money in a crowded restaurant, why don't you make a romantic dinner at home? I find fondue to be the ultimate and cozy treat in the winter. Plus, there's no cooking since it's all done on the table, and the setting is so romantic and sexy.

Here's the best recipe to make a Swiss-style cheese fondue from scratch:

300g grated Gruyère cheese
300g grated Emmenthal cheese
1/2 cup white wineI suggest a wine from Alsace, such as Reisling
2 oz vodka or kirsch
1/4 cup crunchy bacon (optional)
10g rehydrated porcini mushrooms (optional) 
1 branch of rosemary
Fresh ground black pepper

 Put all of the ingredients in your fondue pot and let the cheese melt over medium heatmixing constantlyuntil you get the perfect creamy texture. Transfer the pot to your fondue stand and enjoy with pieces of bread and freshly cut vegetables.

The tradition says that if your bread (or veggie) falls off your fork, you have to kiss the person next to you :) Fun, fun, fun! 

And why not go for a chocolate fondue for dessert, with a nice glass of sparkling wine!