Natalie Richard: In Good Taste


3 Rules For A Healthy And Nutritious Breakfast

Plus: What to Have and What to Avoid

In my house, there are three rules for breakfast:

It is mandatory

It has to include at least two different fruits

It has to include a good source of proteins

They say to eat your breakfast like a king, your lunch like a prince and your dinner like a pauper.

I could not agree more, and I would add that over all, it has to be fun, nutritional and absolutely delicious!

Fruit is a great way to say hello to your taste buds and your stomach after a long night. Then, proteins will fill you up and prevent you from being hungry in the morning. Plus, it will feed your brain the necessary (good) fat to keep it alert and performing. 

Any source of protein is good, including nuts, cheese, full fat or 2% dairy, eggs, almond or peanut butter, if there are no allergies.

Three things to avoid

Sweet and coloured cereals—they are loaded with refined sugar and artificial flavouring and colouring that are damaging to our children’s nervous system. Plus, as we know, sugar will metabolize really fast, so it will give you a quick boost and a big down shortly after. On top of a very uncomfortable hunger sensation through the morning.

White bread and any baked goods made with white flour—they are the same as sugar, they metabolize really fast and won’t feed you. 

Of course, any sweet and artificial juices that are just like soft drinks, a blend of sugar, water, and artificial colour.

Basically, it is all about avoiding refined sugar, especially in the morning! Remember, sugar is addictive, sugar makes you fat and it is responsible for the obesity epidemic and the increase of type-2 diabetes in our societies.