Natalie Richard: In Good Taste


Why Choose Organic Eggs?


I had so much fun last weekend hanging out with the YMC girls at The Baby Show. So amazing to see all the beautiful moms, bellies, and babies!

I also had the immense pleasure of hanging out with my friend Erica and staying at her house. Her husband, who is the absolute egg-cooking expert, was sharing his observations about the fact that egg shells are getting thinner and thinner… “I can’t break an egg without the shell crumbling in my hand…” he said. We then had a short conversation about hens, which are—whether we like to be reminded of that or not—the ‘mother’ of the eggs…How timely!

It made me think…

How well are these tremendously generous birds treated? The egg industry has them isolated in their own little battery cages, sitting all day because they have no room to move. I wonder if their legs would still hold them since they never walk and their feet get crippled by the wire mesh. They are being fed commercial food spiked with antibiotics to result in maximum production. The hens' beaks are cut off and they are kept in semi-darkness to prevent stress-induced bad behaviour due to severe crowding conditions.

And made me think…

These poor mother hens never see the light of day. They are unhealthy, stressed, and weak. They might even be depressed…This is why egg shells are weak and thin. Can you imagine the quality of what’s in the eggs? It does come from inside the chicken. When we eat their eggs, their health, food, and environment translate into our health and vitality.

Please try

Now, try buying eggs from an organic, free-range farm, where chicken are free to run around, sometimes even outdoors, where they are fed real grains and NO animal by-products (especially not chicken by-products).

The shell is solid, the colour of the yolk is bright yellow, as it should be, and the taste… There is NO comparison!

And that’s only the surface, because the most important difference is on the inside: the nutrients. Healthy eggs are brain food. They are a great source of vitamin B, E, riboflavin, and a natural source of Omega 3. The most important is to feed your body food that will nourish you and make you and your children strong and healthy. Not weak like these poor cooped-up hens. They don't have a choice—but we do!

Plus you will support farmers/producers who respect life. Not only the chicken’s but yours!


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