Natalie Richard: In Good Taste


In The South of France for Vendange

It’s Harvest Time!

This year, I am going to miss Canada’s premiere social media event for women: Blissdom Canada.

But I think you will agree that I have a good excuse. I have been invited to the South of France to vendange. So instead of getting all dressed up nice and pretty to party with the fabulous YMC’s Yummy Mummies, I am in the grape vines with my rubber boots, my raincoat and…a glass of wine? No…handy gardening scissors!

I am ready for my very first grape harvest. The ceiling is low, it’s humid, cold, and rainy but the grapes are beautiful and sweet. Rows of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, just perfectly ripped and ready to be picked, one cluster at a time. My heart is pounding with joy! I can’t believe I am here, in the heart of the Garonne.

In the ‘chai’ the wine maker is throwing the grapes in a machine for crushing and destemming them into the most beautiful deep purple juice. At this point, it actually really looks and tastes like Welsh grape juice.

The grapes will macerate for days, start fermenting—which means the sugar will transform into alcohol—and then begins the taskful art of making wine.  

Of course there is amazing tastings and incredible gastronomy all over this very ‘In Good Taste’ region and I will tell you all about it in my next post!

Just finishing an amazing meal at L'Auberge du Prieuré, in Moirax, near Agen, cheering with my good friend Yves Lapierre, the amazing Chef Benjamin Toursel and his wife Agathe and Laurence Raffy (on the left) from another fabulous restaurant Cochon, Canard &Cie in Astaffort, one of the restaurants of great Chef Fabrice Biasiolo.