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Don't be a Weenie: How to Avoid These Halloween Faux Pas

Talk to your kids. Eat Chocolate. Repeat.

Being a feminist for Halloween not only means being sensitive to other races and cultures, it can also mean being a positive role model to your children about sex and sexuality on Halloween! | Parenting | YummyMummyClub.c

Laci Green is probably the best known sexuality vlogger on YouTube. Recently, she put together some tips on How To Be A Feminist For Halloween. Not surprisingly, a lot of her advice also applies to having a sex positive Hallowe’en. Basically, how NOT to be a weenie this Halloweenie. 

This is the time of year when a lot of my parenting time is spent buying Hallowe’en chocolate, putting together costumes, carving pumpkins, buying more Hallowe’en chocolate because I ate the first batch… Socio-political considerations like feminism and sex-positivity aren’t necessarily tops in my mind as I get my kid ready for the fun, spooky days ahead. But Hallowe’en is a cultural occasion, with millions of participants. Through costumes, decoration, parties, food, media and more, there’s a range of expression and ideas on display this time of year.

Gendered costumes. Sexy costumes. Dressing up as someone from another culture or race. Hallowe’en is prime time to open up a conversation and share some of our values about these issues with our kids and teens. While eating chocolate.

Which reminds me, I need to buy more chocolate. Laci Green and I share a lot of the same values around Hallowe’en. This year, I’ll also share some of them with my son.

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