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How to Sext When You Can't Find the Words

Take sexting to new levels with erotic emoji


I love theory. Perking up an otherwise dull day by exchanging naughty messages with my partner would have total appeal  if I only I weren’t so erotically inarticulate. Yeah, I know;  sex-educating writer here. But talking about sex professionally is different from dirty texting as a means to arousal. It’s easy to think of sex words when I’m working. When I’m hot and bothered and the blood starts flowing south it’s a lot...more word...good.

Is Your Teen Sexting? The Common Sexting Phrases You Need To Know

That’s why I was jazzed when my friend and colleague, Dr. Lily Zehner tipped me off to a new set of sex-themed emjois, called Flirtmojis! Flirtmojis are texting images which range from cute and playful to super explicit. According to the developers:

“Flirtmoji is a visual language designed to empower people of all sexualities to communicate their desires, concerns, and flirtations. We are a group of designers, developers, and hornballs on a mission to give people the playful, inclusive, and functional sex emoji."

In order to access Flirtmojis, you sign up on their website, which gives you free access to a basic set of sexy emojis. Some of the graphics really are graphic (NSFW, folks) but rendered in sort lines and vivid playful colours, which gave me a sense of non-threatening fun. They also reflect the creators’ sex-positive vision, representing a diverse range of skin tones, sexual orientations and safer-sex practices. They’re even anatomically accurate - clitoris REPRESENT! The creators have also included thoughtful communication aids, like a series of green, yellow and red traffic lights, which sexters can use to indicate their desire to continue, slow-down or stop the conversation.

If you want to expand your sexting lexicon, there are five expansion packs: inc;uding: Toyland; Fetish 101; Party Time and BDSMS, all available for $0.99 apiece.

Flirtmojis are an easy-to-use tool that folks can use to communicate sexual desire clearly, while keeping things hot. They’ve definitely upped my sexting game!