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How To Throw A Classy Bachelorette Party

Hint: Cupcakes and sex toys are a good place to start

Confession: When I first received the invitation to join the folks from Ohhh Canada for an exclusive bachelorette party, I was a little wary. I’ve always been a bit of a humbug when it comes to the standard bachelorette foofarah. I certainly don’t begrudge a gal pal a wild night at the bar if that’s how she wants to roll, and if invited I’ll certainly come along for the ride. I’ve just never loved sipping cocktails through a penis straw, and I can only muster up so many screeching "WOOOOO"s before my vocal cords start to chafe. So last week, as I set out for the Ohhh Canada bachelorette, I couldn’t help but feel a little wary.

The party was being thrown at The Spoke Club, a venue in downtown Toronto. Instead of dark lights and loud music, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself in an elegant space with exposed brick walls and large windows that let in lots of light. I was greeted by Melissa, who led me to the party area. There was nary a penis straw. I did, however, spot a dessert table, beautifully decorated out with candies, cupcakes, and doughnuts. I immediately felt better.

This was going to be my sort of party.

The music playing was at background—rather than booming—levels, which made it easy to introduce myself and chat with some of the other guests. A few minutes later, I found myself face-to-face with Katrina McKay—CEO and founder of Ohhh Canada.

With Ohhh Canada, Katrina has realized her vision of taking sex toy retail from down and dirty to upscale and sophisticated. She sells high-end, high quality products. Her staff are knowledgeable and make sure that when customers take home a new product, they’re stimulated and educated.

Katrina is applying her same philosophy to bachelorette parties—smart, fun, and sexy! Also, cupcakes.

Katrina had one of her staff present an array of beautifully designed adult toys. I was especially intrigued by the Leaf. When I mentioned this to McKay, she suggested I drop by her Toronto store to pick one up and perhaps have a tour. I plan to follow up on her invite, so stay tuned.

After the toy presentation, we made a toast with some sparkling wine and then more socializing ensued. Later in the evening, Katrina gave us an abbreviated version of a workshop she often presents at her bachelorette parties—how to talk dirty. An educational workshop during a bachelorette is great, because it provides all the fun and giggles of a traditional bachelorette, while providing some...highly useful...information for the guests. Applied knowledge, anyone?

Also, did I mention there were cupcakes?

All in all, my upscale bachelorette experience was top notch. Thanks to my fabulous hosts, Melissa and Katrina, for a great evening. If you’d like to find out how to arrange your own classy shindig, check out the Ohhh Canada website here.

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