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Naked Yoga: Get Calm, Get Centred, And Get Undressed!

Would you attend a naked yoga class? Why or why not?

I want to go to naked yoga!

Bold and Naked Studios, located in the Chelsea district of London, offers co-ed and gender-segregated classes, where participants strive for full-monty flexibility. According to this article at The Daily Mail, the studio also offers fully-clothed classes as well, but this stripped down practice appeals to me for a few reasons.

I find seeing other people’s nude bodies in a consensual, non-sexual setting helps me feel more secure. It’s a nice reminder that we all have our own unique shape, size, colouring, and body markings, and that my blips and blotches are just part of me.  Unfortunately, the opportunity to see naked people in real life doesn’t present itself terribly often, which makes it easier to mistakenly perceive the perfected images in magazines or pornography as realistic. So, I welcome any opportunity to see other bodies in an everyday setting.

Like most people, I’m not used to being nude in public. I imagine that initially I’d feel a bit self-conscious in a class like this, but once I settled in, doing yoga naked might lead to deeper focus and attention to the practice. I’m one of those people who is easily distracted by the mild scratching of a label or the light pressure of an elastic waistband. Yoga sans-clothes would free my mind and my body a bit more.

I loved this quote from the article: “The studio says that erections during the class do occur, but happen ‘rarely.' They encourage that when it does it's okay and nothing to be embarrassed about. It will pass quickly.” So much yes to this! Sometimes our bodies have involuntary sexual responses to stimuli—like erections during yoga class. I want to high-five the instructors for treating this as acceptable and neutral. It’s also a cool reminder that people don’t always have to, or want to, act on their sexual arousal

Anyway, I’m off to Google to see if there are any clothing-optional yoga classes in my neck of the woods.

And how about you? What’s your take on naked yoga? Inspired idea or nightmare workout?

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Photo credit: TheBoth via photopin cc