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Body Love Lessons Kids Have Taught Me

Why feeling good about yourself is child's play!

Over the years, I’ve been a babysitter, a daycare worker and a mother’s helper.

I’m the mother of a magnificent little boy and aunt to four wonderful girls. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had children in my life and there’s a lot to learn from life with little people

Something I’ve noticed time and again, is how happy most kids seem to be with their own bodies. Before they internalize all the nonsense about standards of attractiveness and pseudo-sexiness, a lot of children seem to have the body acceptance thing down. Here are three examples of what I mean.

1. Being naked? Is AWESOME!

Have you noticed how kids love to be naked? They way the frolick for joy when air hits their skin and how they actually RUN AWAY when you try to put clothes on them? Definitely frustrating when you’re running late for a clothing non-optional appointment but I really love how un-self conscious kids can be about nudity. For little ones it’s nothing to do with looks and everything to do with the joy of feeling free. That’s how I want to feel about my body!

2. The Jiggly Bits? RULE!

Speaking of naked, have you noticed how little kids like to shimmy furiously so their part flop and jiggle? Or how they’ll push their tummies WAY out? Or make the weirdest faces they can manage? And how they actually want people witness these antics? It’s a great reminder for me that there’s so much to enjoy about my body that isn’t about striving for grace and perfection. The fact that I can make my parts wobble, wiggle, stretch, shrink and twist around in bizarro ways is pretty freakin’ rad!

3. HOORAY For Growing Older!

When kids are little we celebrate the signs of aging. We track their growth with marks on a wall or put a little money under the pillow when their baby teeth fall out. When you’re a kid, getting older is a reason to celebrate. When does that go away? I stopped growing taller decades ago, but now I have lines on my face that track my progress in life. And now that the grey is creeping into my hair, couldn’t I tuck a strand under my pillow for the Grey Hair Fairy?

Have you picked up any body-positive ideas from the kids in your life? Let me know in the comments!

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