Nadine Thornhill: Mummy Sex


Coke Nails The Chaos of Early Parenthood

Sex-positive marketing, FTW!

sex marketing for coke ad

You guys. This ad. My heart.

I'm not really a pop drinker, but I really am a fan of this commercial for Coke, which manages to capture the madcap whirlwind of early parenthood. It's exhaustion, confusion, absurdity and chaos, yet we find these moments of from-the-gut joy that keep us going.

And can I tell you how thrilled I am to see that the every day dealings of this young family include parents having—or at least trying—to have. This is exactly the sort of life-affirming, normalizing depiction of sex I love to see more of. People with kids are sexual. It's not sensationalized or glamourized; just funny and relatable. I know this ad runs in Argentina, but it's a nice reminder for those of in North America that we can include sex in our media without it being all titillating and provocative. I personally would have no qualms about watching this ad with my young son. It might even make a good jumping off point for a conversation about sex.

Well played, Coke. Well played.

Have you seen this ad? If so how did you react? How do you feel about seeing sex in an ad for cola?