Nadine Thornhill: Mummy Sex


ATTACK Of The Sexosaurus!

Paleo-porn. Yep, it's a thing.

dinosaur sex

I used to call myself “sexpert.” It was cute and fun to say and it made me feel like an all-sex-knowing big shot know-it-all.

Except not. I have learned a lot about sex over the years. But the more I learn, the more I am gobsmacked by the fascinating ways people express and experience sexuality. Case in point: dinosaur porn.

It’s a thing. For real, y'all

Erotica author Christie Sims is attracting worldwide attention for her series of paleo-erotic books, available to download on Kindle. Her stories, which include AWESOMELY titled tales such as Taken By The T-Rex and Ravished by the Triceratops, feature steamy Dino-on-homo sapien action. Rad!

Okay, yes. Technically dinosaurs and humans lived millions of years apart. But this is fantasy. Besides, when two creatures truly desire each other, they aren’t going to let a little trifle like evolution stand in their way.

Also, when a T-Rex eats you out, he really eats you out!

I’ve got to give Sims props for thinking outside the box, erotica-wise. I may not be a “sexpert,” but I’ve learned enough to know that people’s desires can manifest in all sorts of ways. If someone wanted to write this, it’s highly likely there are others out there who want to read it. Getting it on with a pteranodon? Why the heck not?

So yeah, not quite a sexpert. Just a gal who learns something new about sex, every day.