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The 3 Ingredient Brunch Dish That Would Impress a Chef

Polenta & Eggs - Nothing Could Be Simpler

3 Ingredient Brunch Dish

This is one of my favourite weekend meals, perfect for the family but equally perfect for guests. It's one of those amazing recipes I keep in my back pocket, because it contains the holy trio of criteria; cheap, easy and impressive! You can buy ready made polenta at any supermarket these days for under $2. You literally toast it up in a pan with some butter or olive oil and top it with anything you like. One of my favourite ways to eat it is as a brunch dish with eggs. There's something about the taste combination of corn and  eggs that is pure magic! I love to top the polenta with pancetta pieces - which is just a fancy name for Italian bacon. You can buy packets of pancetta cubes in the grocery section where you buy packaged processed meats and just toss into a pan and heat until a little crunchy. Add some eggs and you are done!  If you want to get a little creative, add some toppings like your favourite cheese, cherry tomatoes or some sautéed onions, but this dish is delicious as is. Here's an added bonus - start to finish - you can have this dish on your table in under 15 minutes. Superstar rated in my house, you have to give it a try.


1 loaf ready made polenta
1-2 eggs per person
1 package pancetta cubes
Salt and pepper to taste
Pat of butter

3 Ingredient Brunch Dish

Roughly cut up polenta into chunks or slices.

Heat a pan on high with a little bit of butter or olive oil.  Toast polenta.

3 Ingredient Brunch Dish

Over medium heat, fry up the pancetta pieces until crisp.

Cook 1-2 eggs per person, sunny side up and serve over polenta.

Top with pancetta and serve.

3 Ingredient Brunch Dish

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