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Summers Nights Were Made for Breakfast for Dinner

Toasted Cornbread, Ham, and Eggs

cornbread and eggs for dinner

After a BBQ dinner where I serve a big skillet of corn bread, there always seems to be a lonely piece leftover the next day.  This dish came together one evening when I found myself staring at that bread wondering what I could do to save it from a fate of landing in the compost bin.  I bought a piece of country of ham, threw it all in a pan and served it with fried eggs.  It was a hit that has become a regular, favourite dinner, perfect for everyone to eat while we are having a family movie night or sitting out on the deck for a quick dinner after a long day out.  Try it, you’ll be surprised how much it feels like a great big hug, it’s comfort food at its best.


1/4 loaf cornbread
1 tbsp butter
1 250 gr piece ham
4 eggs
salt and pepper to taste

Breakfast for Dinner |


Melt butter in your skillet until almost browned.

Tear cornbread into chunks.

Chop ham into rough chunks.

Toast ham and bread in your skillet until browned.

Remove from skillet.

Fry eggs sunny side up.

Divide up bread and ham mixture amount plates.

Serve one egg on top of each.

Breakfast for Dinner |

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