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Almond, Artichoke & Chickpea Rice Salad

A Burst of Summer Dressed With Mint, Cilantro & Basil

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Some version of this rice lands on my table about once a week.  My husband is a real rice fan, so I am always looking for ways to change it up. This particular version was inspired by a few different things. We are in the middle of a kitchen reno, so access to the stove and countertop space has been pretty limited.  I needed something quick to make and then easy to serve at room temperature the next day. I hit the pantry for some ingredients and came up with this version. One twist that made a big taste difference was the addition of fresh herbs. In the middle of winter, a handful of different herbs can act like a blast of summer. The mix of basil, cilantro and mint gives this a kind of middle eastern feel and makes the whole dish feel really fresh and different. You can serve it as a side for any dinner or as delicious lunch on its own. Make it the night before, it always tastes better the day after once the flavors have a chance to sit.

rice salaad ingredients


2 cups Basmati rice
1 cup of artichoke hearts
1 can chick peas
1 cup chopped green olives
¾ cup sliced almonds
1 handful each basil, coriander, cilantro
salt and pepper to taste

artichoke rice


 Prepare rice according to package instructions and let cool to room temperature.

 Chop herbs and add.

 Mix in all other ingredients.

 Serve immediately, or better yet, the next day.

artichoke rice

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