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Nutella & Raspberry Crescents

Oven to table with only 3 ingredients

Nutella Raspberry Crescent Rolls

This is one of my top secret in-the-vault recipes.  Reason being?  It’s super easy, super fast, and tastes like you brought it home from your local fancy gourmet pastry shop.  Really, it’s 3 simple steps and 3 simple ingredients.  That’s a hit-it-out-of-the-park winner in my book.

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That’s why this recipe is the perfect inspiration to get your kids in the kitchen.  I find that introducing the kids to baking takes some special criteria.  For smaller kids or newbies to baking at any age, there are a few hints that go a long way towards ensuring baking nirvana and hook them for future baking projects.  A couple of things to keep in mind:
Keep it simple!  Baking recipes can often have a lot of ingredients, measurements and techniques.  Try to find recipes that contain few ingredients, can be put together quickly and don’t rely heavily on precision or fancy techniques.

Try to prepare as many ingredients ahead of time as possible.  Ie - it’s way more fun to have your helper dump ingredients into a blender and get that masterpiece into the oven, than it is spending a lot of time tediously measuring everything out.  Newbies to baking can get bored easily.

Try to choose recipes that are pretty foolproof.  First time success is the best way to capture ensure your helpers will come running next time you pull that blender out.

Make sure to enjoy your spoils!  There is nothing more satisfying to a new baker than taking that first big bite of their warm, fresh out-of-the-oven creation with a big glass of milk.  Smiles guaranteed!

This recipe is perfect for your first timers.  It’s also perfect for seasoned bakers too.  I still make these for all kinds of family occasions; game nights, movie nights and sleepovers.  Despite being so ridiculously simple, they are always gone in a flash.  The secret here is classic flavour combos that everyone loves and a base of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls.  That’s the secret weapon!  Crescent Rolls are just the perfect combination of crispy buttery dough with a hint of salt which makes them a perfect base for a sweet filled pastry. 

filled crescent rolls

Roll them up in a muffin tin or springform pan and they will pop out of the oven in about 12 minutes and look gorgeous to boot.  Try coming up with your own flavour ideas - almost anything goes.


Here I’ve used everyone’s favourite Nutella coupled with the sweet/sour punch of raspberries.  Pure deliciousness   There are a few more suggestions at the end of the recipe to get you started but the possibilities are endless.  Feel free to get creative.



1 package Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
16-20 raspberries, washed and dried
8 teaspoons Nutella



Roll out pastry as per package instructions.
Place a tsp of Nutella and a few raspberries on each piece of pastry.
Pinch together pastry around filling and tuck ends around each other to form a ball.
Bake per package instructions.


That’s it!!!  Here I’ve shared pics of two different ways to bake these gems.  One is to place in a muffin pan and another is to lump them together in a springform pan.  Both of these turn out fabulously and are perfect for messy, clumsy hands.  I like to sprinkle mine with a bit of sugar for a little crunch.  After 12 minutes, remove from oven when browned.  Let cool until warm and enjoy!  These are truly delicious.  Here’s a few variations:

Nutella + Banana
Nutella + Peanut Butter
Nutella + Peanut Butter + Banana
Peanut Butter + Jam
Raspberry + Cream Cheese

You get the idea.  Enjoy.

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