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Herb Crusted Prosciutto and Arugula Stuffed Bread

Quick, Warm, Delicious

Prosciutto and Arugula Stuffed Bread

Doesn’t that sound incredibly delicious?  When you find out just how simple and fast this recipe is to pull together, you will be raving about it to all your friends. Big, big news.  

Or... you may choose to keep it all to yourself, tell no one and file it in your back pocket ready to impress when company is on the way and you are short on time. Feel free to get creative with your stuffing too. Now that summer’s here, there are so many amazing vegetables on hand that almost anything goes, especially if you jazz it up with some cheese or spicy accents. Here I use the traditional combo of prosciutto, arugula and provolone, but I’ve outlined a few more combos for inspiration or feel free to get creative and try your own!  

I use store bought pizza dough from a local artisan bakery to really make this super easy. It keeps in the fridge for a day before, and I can roll it out and stuff it a few hours before hand and pop it in the oven or on the BBQ a half hour before I need it.  You can serve a salad on the side and have a ready made lunch or dinner, or slice it up for an impressive addition to an appetizer or Charcuterie platter. Yum, yum, yum!

makes 1 medium sized, ciabatta like roll

1 store bought multi grain pizza dough
8 slices provolone cheese
8 slices excellent quality prosciutto
3 cups baby arugula, loosely packed
salt and pepper to taste
3 tbsps olive oil, 1 tbsp set aside
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
1/2 tsp coarse raw sugar
1 tbsp garlic powder
1 tbsp dried rosemary, crushed in a mortar and pestle

 Pre-heat oven to 425 degrees.

 Roll out pizza dough to a large rectangle, as close to 1/4 inch thin as possible. Season the arugula with 2 tbsps olive oil, balsamic vinegar, sugar, and salt and pepper to taste. Toss gently.

 Lay out the slices of provolone across the middle of the dough, 4 X 4. Layer the prosciutto slices overtop. Spread the seasoned arugula over the prosciutto.

 Take the short ends of the dough and fold them towards the centre. Roll up the remaining dough. You should end up with a roughly shaped log similar to a ciabatta bread.

 Top the bread with the remaining olive oil, garlic powder and rosemary.

 Place on a piece of parchment over a baking sheet for 35 minutes or until golden brown. The bread should be crispy to the touch. Let cool slightly, for 10-15 minutes and slice before serving.


For a little inspiration, here are a few of my other favourite combos:

1. Sundried tomato, mushroom and parmesan cheese
2. Roasted zucchini, roasted garlic and ricotta cheese
3. Wilted spinach, brie and walnuts
4. BBQ’d sausage, rapini and hot peppers

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