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Yummy BBQd Mushroom, Asparagus and Turkey Sausage Salad

Perfect for Brunch, Lunch or a Light Dinner

BBQ mushroom, asparagus and turkey sausage salad

BBQ season is finally here and I am grilling up a storm on a daily basis. I am a big big fan of BBQ meals that keep my kitchen clean and help me get dinner together in a flash.  This is a really quick and easy recipe that’s on my table on a regular basis.  Big flavours, lots of vegetables and a little bit of smoky grilled sausage to top it off.  Add a dash of sweet and tart dressing and we have a favourite for brunch or lunch.  Add a side of rice or quinoa and you’ve got a fab dinner.  It’s quick and it’s yummy.  Get grilling!

BBQd Mushroom, Asparagus and Turkey Sausage Salad
serves 2

for salad:
2 turkey sausages
1 small bunch asparagus
a dozen Cremini mushrooms
olive oil, salt and pepper to dress
1 cup spinach
1 cup arugula
1/2 sweet onion, sliced thinly

for dressing:
3 sundried tomatoes, minced
1/3 lemon, zested
olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper

 Wash and prep vegetables, dress with olive oil, salt and pepper.
Make the very inexpensive investment into some metal skewers.  You can find packs of these at your local grocer for a couple of dollars and they make grilling vegetables so easy.

 Grill vegetables and sausage on grill until done, 10-15 minutes.
Take the time to check out a couple of your local butchers to find a great turkey or chicken sausage.  These are a great alternative to pork, as you can eat them guilt free and many of these local homegrown butchers are producing amazing tasty sausages with leaner cuts of meat and good ingredients.

3. Mix spinach, arugula and onion.

4. Slice sausage and asparagus and toss together with mushrooms.  Serve over the bed of salad.

5. Whisk together olive oil, balsamic, salt and pepper.  Add lemon zest and sundried tomatoes. Pour over salad and serve immediately.