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Italian Style Sausage and Egg Pasta

A Delicous Italian Favourite On the Table in 20 minutes

Italian Style Sausage and Egg Pasta

This pasta is an all time favourite at my house. The recipe is based on a version of the classic pasta carbonara, a traditional Italian dish that reminds me of childhood camping trips with the family. It only has a couple of ingredients but I guarantee you'll be surprised at how tasty and delicious it is. Bonus — it's really quick and easy to pull together; you can cook up the meat and get the 'sauce' ready in the time it takes the pasta to boil.

Sausage and Egg Pasta Ingredients


3 large or 6 small sausages
2 tbsps olive oil
3 garlic cloves, crushed
1 package/500 gr spaghetti
3 eggs
parmesan to finish, grated or shaved
salt and pepper

 Bring salted water to boil.
You can prep the rest of the ingredients in the time it takes the water to come to a boil. This recipe is really that quick.

 Remove sausage from casings. Break up with a fork and cook until meat starts to change colour. Add garlic. Cook until meat is browned.
Feel free to use any of your favourite sausages here, but a good quality homemade sausage from your local butcher makes all the difference. For a leaner option, use turkey or chicken sausages.

 Take off heat and add 2 tbsps fresh olive oil.
I like to use sausages from a local butcher who uses a lean meat mix. When I'm done cooking, there is generally not very much oil in the pan, so I like to 'top up' with fresh olive oil. If you use a sausage that renders more fat, remove before you add the fresh oil. This will keep your pasta feeling light and fresh rather than heavy and oily.

 Beat eggs and set aside.
I always make sure to use my farmer’s market organic eggs here. Usually they are a lot creamier than store bought eggs and can make all the difference in creating an excellent sauce.

 Once pasta is 'al dente,' use tongs to remove pasta and place directly into sauce. Do not drain pasta before placing, just use the tongs to get it all in the pan.
THIS IS A CRUCIAL STEP. You need the pasta to be a little wet and drippy with pasta water. The water contains starch and will ensure your dish stays creamy without drying out. Depending on how ‘wet’ the pasta is when you place it in the pan, you may have to add a ladle or two of pasta water later on when you mix in the eggs. Keep the pasta water aside until you’re are all done. This is gold!!

 Over very low heat, add eggs and stir up the pasta until the egg cooks and thickens slightly into a creamy sauce.
This should only take a couple of minutes. You will notice the eggs change by getting opaque and thicker. If you notice the pasta appears dry, this is the time to add a ladle of pasta water.

 Top with parm shavings and cracked pepper and serve immediately.


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