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World's Best (and Worst) Places to be a Mother

Hint: It's not Canada

Save the Children's thirteenth State of the World’s Mothers report is out and as usual, its findings are surprising.

Out of the 165 countries evaluated in terms of mother's health, education and economic status, as well as her children's health and nutrition, Canada moved up one place from 20th to 19th—an improvement based on the percentage of women in parliament, and the addition of parental leave. 

At the bottom of the barrel, seven countries were in the midst of a food crisis—malnutrition being the "underlying cause of at least a fifth of maternal mortality and more than a third of child deaths." 

The report says the first 1,000 days following pregnancy (up to the infant's second birthday) are critical to breaking the cycle of malnutrition and stunted growth in moms and babies. Save the Children hopes their findings will prompt more do be done when G8 leaders gather in Camp David later this month. 

Simply supporting breastfeeding in developing countries where fewer than 40 percent of infants are nursed could save an estimated one million children's lives a year. For a developed country, Canada only rated 'fair' for its breastfeeding policies.

You can help prompt change. Help Save the Children’s Newborn and Child Survival campaign by signing its petition to get world leaders commit to saving children's lives.