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What Heroes Star and Couponing Have in Common


What do the award-winning series Heroes and couponing have in common?  Well, it may seem like a stretch, but Greg Grunberg, best known for his role as police detective Matt Parkman, has a sideline. The actor has recently founded Yowza!!—the "first location-based mobile coupon app." 

In layman's terms, that means next time you're at the checkout of your favourite store or restaurant, you won't need to flip through a wad of coupons. Simply scan a code on your phone, et voila (or should I say yowza?). 

A family man himself, Mr. Grunberg knows first-hand how busy life gets. (He's got a wife and three boys!) The inspiration for Yowza!! apparently came to him when he was in shopping in Bed, Bath & Beyond and had forgotten "our big cardboard coupon in the car (again)."  

This got Grunberg dreaming of ways to combine his love of his iPhone with his love of a bargain, especially during these tough economic times. He met genius app developer August Trometer on Twitter, and the rest is history.

How it works: when you launch your iPhone or Android, the app automatically locates offers at stores and restaurants near your location.  There's no pre-pay, check-in, or game-playing to get the discounts, which sounds like a mom's godsend.     

The good news? The app is, and will always be, FREE to customers. The bad news: it's not yet made its way to Canada, but Mr. Grunberg is keen for it to spread to retailers here, too, because "saving money shouldn't cost you anything."

Rest assured, Heroes fans, Greg won't be giving up his day job any time soon!

Sound like an app you would actually use?