Mummy Buzz


Twilight Onesies

And Other Horrors

You'd be forgiven for thinking it's Halloween. In fact, Twilight madness is upon us once again, with the release of Breaking Dawn, the final installment of the adaptations of Stephenie Meyers vampire books.

Twihards, as they're known -- many of whom aren't tweens but moms -- are out in full force, travelling to the saga's settings and sucking up related merchandise. And no baby is safe. Onesies labeled "Team Jacob" and "Team Edward", complete with bloody lips and claw marks. How about hand-painted, fang-motif pacifiers.

Is the fanfare, reminiscent of the musical cult classic, Rocky Horror Picture Show, harmless fun, in the spirit of the movie, or just bad taste?  Would you deck your babe out in Twi-gear?

For the record, this yummy is Team Edward.