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Tsunami Miracle Girl

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

Talk about modern miracles.  Seven years ago a tsunami destroyed an Indonesian village, sweeping away a girl named Wati. Incredibly, according to Antara News, she finally made her way back home.   

The village of Ujong Baroh, located in West Aceh, was devastated by the waves on 26 December 2004.  Wati's mother struggled to save her children, leading them to higher ground.  Wati, swept away by the rushing waters, was presumed dead, even though her mother and siblings all survived.

No one in her village ever saw or heard from again—until last week.

Accompanied to her grandfather's house, Wati claimed she had travelled to Meulaboh by bus from Banda Aceh, but could not find her way home.  She apparently couldn't remember her parents' names, except that she had a grandfather named Ibrahim.

The 15-year-old was found sitting alone in a coffee shop.  After talking to her, the acquaintance believed the girl might be Ibrahim's long lost granddaughter.

Ibrahim contacted Wati's parents who then identified their daughter by a mole and a scar on the girl's body.  It's thought that she had been begging to survive all these years.  

An estimated 150,000 people 11 countries, including Indonesia, were either killed or missing during the 2004 tsunami.  One of the most devastating natural disasters the world has seen.