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Trade Sex for a Better Bikini Bod?

Fear and Loathing in the Sun

Ah, summer. Like most women, you probably have a love-hate relationship with the red-hot days ahead. 

Summer, for one, means stripping down and coming face to face with the layers you've kept under wraps for the past six months. Then there's the endless mutiny of magazine tips on getting the perfect beach-worthy body and sun-kissed skin. 

To salt the wound, SHAPE magazine and FitSugar surveyed women to see what we really think about swimsuit this season. The sad truth: 68 percent of those polled would swap sex for a month in exchange for the perfect bikini body. Most also embark on a diet in anticipation of baring almost all. 

Not surprisingly, almost half would remove a Facebook tag or ask their friend to take down a photo of them in beach wear, with the same amount loathing their abs, and 29 percent claiming to revile their thighs. The silver lining: almost half of women loved their strong arms, legs and beach bum!

Do you feel insecure in a bathing suit? Would you, like the majority of women in the survey, forego sex for a month if it meant having a bootylicious beach body?