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Trade A Toy For A Lap Dance

Strippers Show More than Spirit

All I want for Christmas is... a lap dance?

Believe it or not, one Chicago strip club has set out a bartering system in a bid to boost seasonal altruism: in exchange for bringing in an unused, unwrapped toy, customers will receive a free lap dance.

It sure beats canned food, right? The idea may be ingenious, but as it turns out it isn't so original, after all. The toy drive by the Admiral Theatre is similar to that held in by a troupe of Edmonton strippers every year. The maverick ladies of X Bar strip club held a Strip-a-Thon last month in which they donated wages and tip money to help kids in need.

"All of us have done so well over the past years, and it's our way of giving back to the community," said X Bar's Shannon Pederson. "A lot of the girls have really busy schedules, and so this is their small way of donating to the (holiday) spirit."

Nevermind Santa's sleigh. I hope the girls have booked a few U-Hauls to schlep the goodies to kids everywhere.

So if your husband suddenly embarks on some mad, inexplicable quest to Toys 'R Us, don't say you haven't been warned... After all, charity starts at home. Ho ho ho!