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Toronto Mom Arrested Following Death of Two Children

She Felt Very Isolated

A mom from Toronto has been arrested in England in connection with the death of her two children.

Although the woman's identity hasn't been released, British media reports claim the 34 year old is Felicia Boots whose husband Jeffrey, a former investment banker with the Bank of Montreal, found the bodies of his 10-week-old son and 14-month-old daughter. 

Though the cause of death hasn't yet been revealed, police have no other suspects. More details will be revealed following the autopsies.

Apparently Boots, a jewelry designer, was receiving email support from Britain's Association of Post-Natal Illness.

"She felt very isolated after she had her first baby," said the Association's spokesperson Clare Delpech. "She felt unwell and didn't find it easy to get out and be sociable. It seemed that isolation was one of the things she brought up repeatedly."

Delpech insists that murdering children is very rare in cases of post-partum depression (PPD), and that the Association "had no sense that [Boots] was getting worse."

The couple, originally from Canada, had recently relocated to a five-bedroom house in a wealthy part of London. A very sad story that proves that PPD can affect anyone, at any time.
Should the Association have done more to keep tabs on this mom, given that she admitted to feeling isolated and depressed? Should they have alerted her doctor, regardless of privacy concerns?